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Details :

Carry your iPad in style with this handmade envelope-style carrying case featuring a colorful embroidered design and a zippered back pocket. Fits standard iPad sizes.

  • 1 top zipper closure
  • 1 interior zipper pocket


Straw Bag S size
Thickness 9cm x Width 27cm x Height 27cm

Straw Bag M size
Thickness 10cm x Width 32cm x Height 32cm

Straw Bag L size
Thickness 11cm x Width 37cm x Height 37cm



  • if they wet, dry bag and keep in fabric bag
  • Brought out to dry in the sun





Straw Summer Bag for Colorful Day Shopping and Beach.
They made of Water Hyacinth bag. You can D.I.Y. as you want.
for gift to extra or your friend.

We disinfected the bag and ensure they ultra clean.

The “Straw bag”. Land or sea, farmer’s market or ocean excursion, the Straw bag tote is practical, versatile and stylish. Whether casual, quick outings or Summertime picnics, this bag can stow it all. In style. A timeless statement in warm weather seasons. Summertime perfection in a bag, indeed.

The art of the Straw bag handbag is a centuries-old technology steeped in cultural pride, an expression of art and cultural tradition. History within its weaves, for certain. According to history, the art of weaving and the incorporation of straw material have existed since before the Spanish Era. The Philippines is said to be one of the birthplaces of straw handbags. In fact, many of the Straw bag handbags are made only for export throughout the world. Who knew? Straw handbags are made with the basic technique of weaving similar to the tradition of basket weaving. These woven textiles require less tension due to straw’s low flexibility and can incorporate a weaving pattern that produces different designs or even a mix of contrasting colors. The overlapping fibers of the Straw bag material used depends upon origin in which it is made and can include plant fibers such as raffia, lupis, tikog, bancuan, pandan and sea grass. The result of which offers variety to meet our personalized preference in texture and style. In addition, these totes are durable and made of excellent quality, requiring simple maintenance by spot cleaning with water and a damp towel. Ease in care for this enduring staple bag-perfect!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 36 × 13 cm

L, M, S


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