Q & A about Emily who Love the Sun (Straw bag Fashion)

I’ve received a lot of questions recently on a variety of topics like beauty, Zach and I, fashion, photo editing, and more. So I’ve decided to answer a bunch of questions you may have! It’s so much easier to make a blog post for you to get to know me instead of posting on Instagram stories all the time. If you enjoy this style of post, I’ll keep on making ’em!

1. How do you edit your photos?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed how my edits have drastically changed recently. I do not own an expensive camera (I know, shocking since I live and breathe photos!). I am in fact saving up for one, but one photography tip I have is to update your phone frequently, because the quality of technology is improving so much. I have the iPhone 7+ and it takes amazing photos. I haven’t decided yet if I want to upgrade to the newest iPhone, or purchase a Sony or Cannon. Let me know your camera suggestions if you have any! Anyways, back to my editing. So I use Adobe Lightroom (just like every other blogger you see on Instagram). This app, and the presets I use, have changed the game for me! Lightroom is amazing to use on it’s own, but purchasing presets gives consistency and professionalism to every photo. I use the AspynOvardPresets that bring brightness and vibrancy to the warm tones of a photo. These presets are like magic. I can’t stop showing my friends before and after examples!

2. Where do you buy your clothes from?

I have only a few places I get my clothes from. I have an obsession with fashion and online shopping. Half of my wardrobe is from Target and Forever 21, and the other half is from Anthropologie and online boutiques… all very different styles haha. But I have found that Target is where I get my essentials, basics, and workout clothes for a more affordable price. Forever 21 is my go-to, but I only like to shop there online! We all know how crazy it is walking around a Forever 21 store. Shopping online is not only easier, but I personally think the quality is better too. I know what materials I like and what I don’t, so you could say I’ve become a pro online shopper. Anthropologie is easily my favorite store. While it may be pricey, it is so worth it because of the quality, and they have incredible sales all the time. When shopping here, think long term and not one occasion. You want to invest in pieces you’ll wear for years.

3. Where are you from?

I know people get confused about where I live/where I’m from, so here you go. I am originally from Huntsville, AL and lived there for 18 years before I moved to Auburn for college. Huntsville is the cutest city and is growing FAST. There’s so much to do and reminds me of a mini Denver, which is where I’ll be moving to with my soon-to-be husband next summer (more on our move to Denver here). I think the two cities are similar in the way that you have mountains surrounding you, but you also get the busy city life.

4. Why did you start your blog?

I started my second Instagram account three years ago during my freshman year in college. My passion for travel grew immensely after my trip to Europe a few years back, so I was constantly posting pictures of that trip in my own personal online photo album. The more I posted, the more other people followed me who have the same interests: travel, fashion, & beauty. I quickly became inspired by other bloggers too, so I created Leisurely Layne, and developed a more lifestyle look to my social accounts. I absolutely love sharing bits and pieces of what makes me happy.

5. What is your skincare/makeup routine?

6.  How did you and your fiancĂ© meet?

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