So excited about this warm weather, it almost feels like summer is in town. Even though it’s really warm and nice outside, it’s quite hard to shoot in direct sun these days. Struggled so much to find new shooting locations, but ended up reusing old ones, hope you don’t mind ;). Gotta recycle the cool backdrops every now and then, right? Anyway, the previous days have been quite productive, managed to shoot 5 outfits in advance and I hope I’ll be able to do the same thing from now on, wish me luck! Though I should start by sharing this one which is so easy to pull together. Created with some good old spring basics and of course with some new ones. You can probably remember this t-shirt because I wore it a lot last year and I still plan to do so. Mixed it with these H&M gingham trousers I found on sale and layered with an oversized denim jacket. Threw on some accessories and some pops of red and I was good to go. What do you think?

Did you make any travel plans for summer? xx

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