Life has been so crazy lately. Everything was fine till Monday when I got a phone call from my mother who was at work. She asked me to go to her work place, grab her and take her to the hospital immediately. At first I panicked, I had no clue what was going on so I started dressing ASAP. Five minutes later she calls me again letting me know I no longer have to go, because an ambulance finally showed up to pick her up. All I knew at that point was that she took some blood tests and her platelets were really low, way too low. She had 23K platelets, when a normal healthy person has around 100-150K.

Met my father who was also terrified and we went to the hospital together. Saw my mom on a hospital bed and that broke my heart, but I had to pull myself together and be as strong as possible for my family. She was suspected of leukemia and the thought of losing her was tearing me up. Tried to cheer her up while we were waiting on the results which took about one day to be processed. Could barely sleep that night, kept waking up every two hours, it was probably the worst night of my life. All those thoughts were killing me as well as waiting on the bone puncture results. Next day we finally got a diagnosis and it wasn’t leukemia. Finally felt relieved. She’s suffering from an autoimmune disease, which can be cured in 6 months with strict treatment.

This entire situation thought me a valuable lesson. We should cherish our parents more, love them more and be more patient with them. Sometimes we are so busy growing up, that we forget they are growing old. Anyway, on a more positive note, I wanted to share these photos from Paris with you. The Eiffel Tower was the last thing we visited that day before taking the train back to Lille. Wore this cute yellow dress I got for my friends wedding and I thought it would also look cool paired with sneakers and a straw bag. Love versatile dresses like this one. I think it will look great with my Gucci pumps, a sleeker hairstyle and some dainty accessories. How was your week? xx

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